Free Roselyn Coaster machine embroidery design

roselyn_icon-wOur Free Roselyn coaster is freestanding lace with appliqué and flower embroidery; it is approximately 4.5×4.5 inches in size. 


EN_Free2. 20552 stitches, 106.5mm x 106.3mm. Hoop two layer of water soluble (Vilene) stabilizer. Start embroidery:

  1. Bright white
  2. STOP – (do not change the thread) Place fabric appliqué (white cotton piece of fabric 4×4 inches in size) and continue to sew the outline
  3. STOP – Detach hoop from the machine and cut away excess fabric as shown on diagram 1 (careful not to cut the stabilizer); change thread to green and continue embroidery
  4. Pink

Diagram 1: Cut away excess fabric shown in gray

Once you are finished embroidering your coaster, soak it in water overnight, flat dry and press from the back. Roselyn is ready for display (Diagram 2)!


Diagram 2. Ready Roseyn Coaster

*All artwork and embroidery designs are 100% authentic by Embroidered Necessity and is protected by copyright.

Reviews and questions concerning Roselyn Coaster   are welcome,   please write them as  comments bellow and we’ll reply!

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3 Responses to Free Roselyn Coaster machine embroidery design

  1. Sadie Chance says:

    Do you have a catalog? I do not have a credit card and can pay by check. Thank you for you response.

  2. Julia says:

    Hello Sadie,

    We are sorry to inform you that we do not accept checks. Our catalog is our e-store:
    All files are downloadable and the only way to pay is through PayPal.
    I hope in the future we can accomodate your needs.
    Best regards,

  3. Paulette says:

    Beautiful and can’t wait to stitch it out! Thanks!

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